HallgrímskirkjaEnergyGeyseringHot waterThe land of fire and iceEmergency exitÞingvellir national parkMossyRift rocksAlways something to seeStorytellingKartöflurNorth Atlantic OceanPromenadingLanding on landIn artA very touristic snapA train day in AprilHelsinki metroThe spring is melting forthTree movementNodesA tree in KarisAnimal tracks in snowWaiting room detailEvening coloursFrozen pondDeviationSnow ad abundantiamProjectionKonstellaatio by multiple exposureKonstellaatioOur lightsLanternsLux de luxLast christmas (market)Soon St. Knut's DayWhite cemeterySomething in somewayCloudy skyOctober sunAfter a stormAmazing lightning photographyAn interiorA little detail of artDark daisyIndistinctDaisiesSummer blurBud macroWild plantField and cloudsSliver of lightGas Giant (2)Gas giantElephoneUnder the worldBubble and cablesDetail of The NavigatorsBridge constructionRed detailLabelsWalledTombsMonkey puzzle treeColourful chairs and a catEnd user license agreementStairsInto the modest tight concealedInto a public footpathFoggy beachBreakwaterIrish Lady RockMayon cliffFoggy moorsFoggy viewLand's EndGoing Portchurno wayStrutting alongOld Town RoadShy treesRocky shoreAnonymous travellerRed telephone boxLighouse pierSurfersPorthmeor wavesBoats in harbourRock balancingWater and birdsBird and beachSouth West Coast PathPorthkidney beachAlong Richmond HillTruroCarn BreaMarine outfallDogs! Water!A view from a pedestrian overpassOn the horizonSt Ives (3)St Ives (2)St Ives (1)LinesPier stairsMousehole low tideExpectant ambianceThe little scarecrow that couldn'tTime of the signsCowLidoBy a pond (2)By a pond (1)ImperturbeThe ConservatoryThe escapeBoth directionsFlowers, flowers and flowersShadow and wet groundLines and cloudsThere is springConcrete and flareA sliver of light under a brigeA cloudy dayOver (multiple) exposedCrusell bridgeTram and fenceLamp and plantUne girafeRoomSpikeyIn the waterlily roomThe sniff of green leavesFoggy marinaHelsinki Court HouseBridge and limited visibilityBuoysLapinlahtiBlue tarpYellow craneSubdivisionsPark viewInstruction and constructionOpen stadiumThe bay cut offReflections in TöölönlahtiSlantwiseMisfiringsIn the shadow of the power plantSunny walkSkater shadow (2)Beach and skySunday strollSunny sunday on iceA morning that exists with a degree of independence from visual references in the worldSun iceIn wait for summerClouds, reflection, seaSunset SalmisaariPark lightsMany a branchAccidentalMetallicBreakfast close-upA close-up of a starTired treesReflective blanketHanging lampsIce and stonesFilterHarbour hotelA tree in west harbourWest Harbour area, HelsinkiA treeBare treesIce in a treeDeep blue sharkVilla Kivi & Sininen huvilaOh, the horror!Big catsFish in jarsA spectrum of lightSpitting sealCordage (silhouette)One corner of the worldThe chimneyBaana wallPillars and shadowsBuildingsBig bubbleTwo by twoViewing angleBubbles within a bubbleUnder coverBroken stadiumRoses in a rosegardenWorse things happen at seaMigratonNo smoking birdsCloud and churchEtni atam anratsähCloudy sky and a kiteKiteTelewaterRays of lightHelsinki Baltic Herring Market 2016OopsRapidsDetails at an exhibitionPowergateStairwell with lightsThe bendThe world's most northern metro systemHeart 1460Shadow on the groundBSegmentedFenceMetroCrane'O'RamaCranes and a cloudKuukkeliSiberian jayGreat crane in the sky4:12 PMBridge profileGrandfather's bridgeA new bridgeKalasatamaPipesYayoi Kusama's spheres in the Winter GardenSky and cloudA hand in the airRuoholahti (Swedish: Gräsviken)SeatsTower and fenceRound mirrorsLoopsHey and away we gokrrrUnder constructionCaught in a fenceFive balloonsYellow outlierFlowers, concrete and grassAfter a running eventStuff on a light box More film masksMasksAbstraction through a bottle of waterTrain windowA tree in Helsinki Central ParkLittle leavesTrees covered with woodGarden windowSpring lightStompOutside of a hatInside of a hatStuckFishing in HietsuReflection of the little red caféWhenever you stroll along with meTree by the seaPerhaps the last snow of winterVentanaClose to the bushDogsVibrant brushes59 49InsectsIn the momentBroken iceWires, cranes and whatnotBuilding a buildingChanging landscapesUrban grassMarking the spotThree small puddlesSalmisaari power stationCableA bit of bubblyCool balloonsUnder a light cloudShine onSmoke screen providedI've got you coveredGreen is the colourThree coloursLanterns in a tree, in a park, after darkShadows in the bushesKind of blueSpolight snowStaring into lightBlue branches on red and greenLight snowfallWinter viewFrosty windowYellow reflectionWintry seaHigh and low iceYinish and YangishPuffing smokePeople looking at a picture of people looking at a picture @kiasmamuseumJanuary 6th 2016 around 10 amWall and treesContemplationSpottyLife buoySurf's closedPier in snowEgg on a plateFloorAn openingTriple meNearly two minutes into the new yearHanding something to somebody on a platterTree and railsGableShooting a swanDoves on a fenceBranching out in the 620–740 nm regionNo horsesSigns asideHelsinki esplanade parkLookout tower windowRefraction, scattering and reflectionFoggy evening view from Aulanko lookout towerPlayground by a lakeMaintenance traffic allowedShadow on the wallBright waterPartsTram railsLike a shadow on the wallSparklingAll aboardParliament house under wrapsI sea as if under the seeThe shadows of artThe art and the shadow of the artistCover of LightBiding timeA CrowdSpectators spectatingOutside the netFallen fenceA parked carPassagewayCombustionMoon above the bonfireSmoking and sparklingNightly lightsSparkler maniaFire workingMoonriseSunshadeLooking towards MeilahtiExit sea leftPeople in the seaShorelineBeings of summerIn the bubbleFreshmen freshing upStonesBetween everyday and nostalgiaDark summer's day 2A beach momentBreaking downDark summer's dayDetail of a bubbleLeatherCork skullsStalinPaper plantThick wallCassette tape in windLensesA caged soft squareSpidey and reflectionsA picture of an art pieceMobile decorationXIs a room ever empty?Broken surfaceOn displayNo entryPressureWatermelonCooking utensilsIndication of the existenceThe seaAn island far awayDigging in the dirtPeople of gymnaestradaTallinn Old TownTurkuWater plantsModulationDrakenThe watchdeconstructor works all dayChurch ruinsBy the art museum wallLady of the bayShortest nightHeat in the light of the nightBridge and sea smokeFoggy pierScaffoldedA Moment at the OperaPetalsSereneTranquilRevivificationDeliberationRaindrops on a leafTall, grass-like plantsThree dropsWaiting to be foundA solitary benchA house in HowthChips (fish in the background)SandymountTwo rings on a wallGuinnMeat on displaySelfieing I say tomatoFlour millsPastures greenRoad signSlippery SlopeRocky shores of SandycoveNokia 2015The Spire of DublinA towerBrewed drink More piesLunch pieBikes in DublinSfera con sferaMerrion square WestLot of nosMerrion squareOne time in a hotelPicture and switchesA mirror imageColdDoor 68Yellow and greenAbove Dutch SkiesNumber of the windowUp highWhat's in a reflection?Fresh leavesAspire to new heightsMore stairwellStairwellHorses and peopleNo wounded angelArt in a churchX-21Butterflies pinnedThat one time in the forestThe watchful foxStuffed and unhappyDramaNature scene behind glassA big catSprinklyForbidden bloomPlantagenGreen wallShadows on the groundSudden dispersionRUMBlack and whiteLinjaDrift into yesterdayPuddleA tree reflected in lake Sibelius parkKickedFangsNightmistBest seatsPaint from under paintMimetic plastic tapeNeedle close-upSubstantiation of springObstacleSupermarket detailDrawing of a photoFishingLeftoversTraces of rainYieldTroubled bridge over railroadNulla diesReflections of a windowFences fencedStone eagleThe green netThin iceVarious momentsBehind the scenesSomething going onInflatedA wallA bubbleBranches in the eveningFågelsångTöölönlahti bay in FebruaryWaiting for the green lightIcy sundownSunset street lightTennis hall in the eveningDark iceUnder the bridgeSkatersMammothMake senseA snowmelterIce and susnetLamp of ropesSpoons-go-roundMaiasmokkMore scribblesEven T-Rex was hereLooking inPassageAn icy seaTopelius ParkTraffic reflectedHalf past noonRimThe new age of steamSnow and trees, 3 of 3Snow and trees, 2 of 3Snow and trees, 1 of 3Apple juiceOn topA person who has seenOne more redDeclarationThrough a train windowDifferent lightsHigh waterLast evening of 2014Snowy stoneMore snow fallingSnow fallingThe different oneThe city center seen from northOn the edgeLike a bird on the iceThe little café by the seaAlong MerikannontieSnowy fence in sunsetPostcard weather conditionsIt is snowingMeilahti tower hospitalDecember skySnapping detailsBikerOvoUniversalisStart your engines…Merry-go-roundShaky mishapTerrace weatherA natural subdivision of a plant stemDark art establishmentThe little tree that was a tad too excitedTöölönlahti bayStreetDifferent sidesShort daysLandscape pylonCeci n’est pas…November 16, 2014Unclear messageMemories of MarchTrafficLeaves a messFour leavesHighchairCanalAutumn chairWavy fingersTurfBesprinkledGate Ö2Navigational aidSöderskär and friendsShowerA cute benchWärtsiläRoof stageCosyThe insect terminatorStripy grassMount WallpaperSparksNight lightsFire and fireHigher and higherDark hotelStrike a poseLike a bird on a headOn holdRaindropsNeighbourhoodImprintsDrop dropDrip dropSlurpWarm August evening on the beachGo leftSeeing sightsArt lurking in a treeAalto VaseStoneLOLOptical discsAnxiousUp and outsideElements of artChurch'n'shirtsContentOld cinemaA pleased locomotiveDamThe reflectedJämsänkoski after rainBridgeA Finnish kitchenHellahuone / Lonely oneKids' cornerTähtiniemi BridgeThe flower that escapedSun-kissedAfloatPoolPremiumBad Bad BoyDetails of pedestriansFlagIn not so deepLine in the skyVR Class Dm7Plus plusTwo-dimensionalFinlandia, Finlandia, FinlandiaWindyPractiseA birdTöölönlahti bayLinnunlauluBehind the linesBoard gameRhubarb pieHalloumiThe threat in the cornerWoman waitingA cloudy skyIdiotsBlowing in the windThin bright lightRoundAlliumsDealing with heatSightseeingMuch particularsGenuine rightStriaMachinesSerialityWe prick youCloud collisionKitchen windowTo strive higherB-katsomoLady Neula of NäsiLooking from up herePasilaRampMarks the spotKaronkkaAfter rainRetreatRainy dayBefore I DieA veil of waterMay 1st sunsetDemolitionDischargeWritingLight abstractTheatre detailGrapesClosedBridge detailSuddenlyCovered trunkCommon dining spaceFrom a rainy dayAmple parkingAnalog noisePressureBehind MessukeskusThe whiteToukolaHalf a wallIn the heart of the cityThrough barsStone arrangementFly from hereEmergencyApril 5th 2014By the railsThe otter sideA tree outside a libraryMonumentSoonContre-jourA noteAvailable lightSome shadowsThe TreesToothedCabbage sceneLit stopCagedMasherNumber 94SlicerRimSenate squareUtensilHere's lookin' at youLaceAd frenzyQueueCapitulationThe lizard kingBirch in fogLady reflectionDucksImpromptuCranes of ArabiaPosingAurora urbanusFoggy footballPlantFoggy eveningJurassic retailerA little lightPriced visionMisalignedDimThere is no coldTwo ways to travelOutdoorsDemanding computationIcebeardLate December evening sceneBuss 24Marmalade madnessWire bench and reflectionSeeing through water dropsShadow of a womanAt a tram stopMoDec. 29Station lightsJyväskyläThe newSwimming permittedDark pathYou believe you can flyGiraffeDiorama dramaSnapshottingPlastic marketingNothing to declareChairsFlowers and rustStrolling noseAirless guitarOne gloveIn metroIn metroUrban agricultureAloneConcrete lightA pileA SundayWatcher of the bikesCreepy mannequinGreen cityFogLeaf your bikes hereThe sense of imminenceThe look of equusClosedRed flagAutumn viewCrouching photographer, hidden touristCaught in the netThis is fallMore yellowStationaryPointillismYellowAnnexCorrugatedThe cityKau____iCablesretnec gnippohS Shopping centerEnd of the rainbow 2End of the rainbow 1DropsRainPoint my at the skyCamouflageStreaksThe boat and the birdsOil Silo 468 (II)Oil Silo 468 (I)Station pavementDampTrain window selfieTypebarsWhen you least expect...VividFinlandiaA manPunkArt under a bridgePlease replace the LampPublic housingBedside waterAdhesive tapePublic artHeaterThe pea on a chair?CaughtWaveformIn waterReplotMyladyStupid birdOffIrmaComplementaryPartially coveredMonoDetail with skyHappy end?Just hanging aroundA rural sceneDustBook ProTick removedA bugBubblyTextLe Sacre Du TravailRadioFluffHoseLeavesDaisySummer in the cityArtificialisReflected lightOlympic stadiumGoneAs if something was missingLady in artA brief pauseDressed for the occasionLa Sagrada CommerciaStatementsHejPALuminous trioSleeping lionA day in early MayTaxiKiasma Calm eveningLast of the whitesStill the days seem the sameStuff on iceHaving little or no warmthRoom 7Bed arrangementSoon(ish)GrowthSpanThe Call of the UrbanIce fishing in the end of MarchFading daylightPiers in winterPuffDifferent culturesCeilingIciclesDouble fenceA wall with holesBuilding a buildingThe odd ladyOver the iceMuseumSunny TöölönlahtiTunnel ceilingLate February afternoonBaanaBeneath the Ruoholahti bridgeThe ki of HelsinkiA bright winter's dayTrack 1 EastThe backsideSpiralWireLight paintingPOSTTunnelProjectionLaserLinear ArrayWho needs information?December 26Winter afternoonOutsideOccasional sunlightSkeletonGlass and waterThat dayA hole in the headMistyShadowsPlastic ribbonRed flourLeaves and tilesPassingBehind barsIn the gardenTwentyLeavesFountainNotesAdvertStadium at nightThe box offices of the setting sunHeihoiEnd of lifeShoes dryingTemporary bird sanctuary Royal MailBirdsA wall with holes and spray paintConcretePauseLibraryFireEmbers in the windVeneziadenSmoke on the waterIt's a trapScaffoldingCrumbsGlasswareParkSignVisible lightTipuloideaUpwardHospitalThere and back againMcBridge?Café terasseLinnunlaulu and LinnanmäkiBridgeSköldvikAnother oneVenetian blinds and thin curtainsInner courtDucksThoby Loth on stageParty in the cityOn the insidePizzaMixin'Writing on a windowSunrise, 4 a.m.Villa SvedenOld bone dust warehouseLinesWater of lifeSeascapeDusk of the deadTowelContemporary summer cottage sceneJag prut(t)arNykarleby seen from the water tower Topelius' bugsCulturesChairLaurel and Hardy? C-3PO & R2D2 perhaps.ArrowUnlucky birdFloodlightThe hallRusty fenceFuturo no. 001 (3/3)Futuro no. 001 (2/3)Futuro no. 001 (1/3)HietsuHelsinkiHelsinkiAt the libraryMärkänä liukasSexual questionWhen the winter meltedOn blueNo infoHelsinki City RunLiftoffKalasatamaA world design capital buss stopSky and towerBridge to beShadow tracksStep by stepMacaroniLostGoneEPADusty benches waitingWalk / Don't walkPlug'em allDownwardDerelict chairAsideSix decades of separationPlankingPositionsWorn desktopWeirIceparkSilhouette of a treeBeing builtMarch 4thSoonIcelightChunks of iceConstructionSnowy viewFinland on iceThe gull repellentCafé RegattaBenches in winterHeatingHot airRemoving iceSunshineTwo dudes in snowLanternsPreparing for the dragonThin iceNot a catWiresWide open seaBlotchedRing buoyCold seaLike a postcardOn ice, tooOne winter afternoonIce and snowOn iceA pleasant winter's dayLaserLooking at artHigh waterFace in the streetBig puddleTracksTransformationHanging aroundMerry stand aroundDu bist ein edler ZweigCenter viewElvis lives… hereA note on the streetCold benchThe frozen pathOn independence dayEmpty shellsNovember rainbowAssorted lettersWashedDentedFort ordinaryFall lightYellow fallRed fallJammedStructures that were once completeRemainsThat looks like a nice café, let's stop thereIf a tree falls in a park…WæterCaged lifeLumikkoMen's roomSwan bayNo admittanceFaunaFirecrackers in the skyCold smoked salmon soup and white wineLinesA basketball courtTrain detailLooking through a drinking glassMetalBlue pylons and cloudsUmbrellasTulips and raindropsWet petalsRain on waterBikingDawn Is A FeelingSunrise and the new day's breakin' troughWide openSkate'n'waitMisty summer nightPaper covered wallInfluensamixturJuly eveningA doorIn MainzPhoto filmModelle gesuchtHeiliggeistOld filmShop doorKodakBacharachWC CenterGreen smokeStage lightsThe evil greater-than signHotel toiletLightA big heart in BerlinBig roundSunblockPlaneNight, Berlin & meTimesFernsehturmRed starBerlin-Tempelhof XBetween runways5975 MA colorful houseShooters, mostlySpidersMorning coffeeRed tree trunks at sunsetEvening skyNo unicornsC-cassettesTurntableLate home tonightWaiting for the train from HelsinkiA bit fancier coffee breakSunny trailYellow signPresent-day vikingsImpending change of weatherShirt on chairFunky tramStarsMy nuts in a jarHeads on displayVeiled tattooHelsinki Central railway stationHelsinki-päiväThe shadowsWhy?RoasteryFirst class picnicThese are the signsLeft to litterDetail of a statueX marks the spotFor menChange is comingClichéAdaptationTrainBrick wallThe Leaning Lamppost of HelsinkiNice clouds over HelsinkiA bit before midnightDropsA footAn impNo sci-fi: Real 50 ft womenIs this sarkasm or self ironi?Don't playNo photos pleaseImminent disasterFastening of a letterBetween the wall and the windowA nice caféOld Kone buildingAmusement parkSeries of tubesHandA strange antennaAgainst the sunPainted windowWindowRoger Waters - The Wall, Helsinki, 27/4 2011Bridge and cloudsThe cold light of early springAn odd gadgetPuddleA tree and a cloudOverexposed mobile phone double exposure experiments on a planeReindeerButtocks of snowWarmth of the sunFootprintGreen mash and chickenOh deerFive nailsBig eyed bunnyOccurrence of colorsThis is where they all come, when they get tired of travellingDiving platformHidden deer, hidden deerCrouching bear, hidden bear Perigee moonA soup experimentHoney, I remember now where I parked the carLauttasaarenselkä, DrumsöfjärdenEnjoying first signs of springJust hangin'A dogAny way but leftWhat to do with all this snow?Yesterday's windHam and cheeseFromageShimmerHazy moonGoalA cold winter's dayA foggy afternoonSunny side upWalking on waterWhat's he building in there?Hangin' around, biding time?Street detailOld drugstore signSkating at the stadiumHelsinki 2011: Marski & MickGreen man diffusedLittle red traffic light manAnother foggy opera shotPedestrian underpassLady in blackFrozenSpeedDark parkA night outside the operaShadow compositionPassingSnow on stadium roofThe light in the skyFence faceTerraceThereOpen/ClosedIcy trainUnderground traffic terminalLast day of 2010BrotherJan 1st, 2011Red streetBack when the sun shoneSnowy branchesKnee deep snowSparkleA hint of redCold lightDucks and trainsNot a job for the faint heartedDistrict?Blue lightTwo weeks later: Still going strongRed horseBlue horseHave yourself a merry little…The green towerLurkerKeeps on fallingAround noon one cold day i DecemberDried flowers in the snowSleepers in the snowVacant seatsHalf past one and the sun hangs lowOn iceAnd we have a winnerIt's comingWhat's with the shoes?Shallow cratersCold eveningListen to your heartIcy improvidenceEmptySnagariDangers of dishwashing: Sudden puncture of skin leading to leakage of bloodRippedNovember 11thKeep movingArctic playing fieldEntropyThe fallenYesterday's newsBirdyNot cold enoughping | iiihFurAn autumn day in KaisaniemiStratumMoomin on a horse?Darling & DarlingPeeking through the barsMessagesMusiikkitaloA red detailIn the darknessDimDisplay bodiesDiffuseCramped	The blueThere, somebody fixed it!101010Because we have no eyes in the neckStarAbove the wood cookerDishes doneFireworks, last embersFireworks, brightBeing fixedReflections of a summer goneMidnight, end of AugustThe light from aboveFireFirecrackersEerieSupportMetal typePännäinen BennäsBizarreToad in the holeCollege HallThe one that didn't get eatenA pub shotLike candles in the windowMind your headRoom 1Hors d'œuvreInside the Avebury stone circleA view from Solsbury HillBath seen from Solsbury HillAfternoon tea at Jane Austin'sAvon weir, BathClock face from insideIn The CorridorNewlyn seen from PenzanceLand's EndBlack cat and number eightDown in the gardenOldBreakwaterSt. IvesPeppy shower curtainText on a buoyThe crab huntersMevagisseyNot what you'd expect to see while enjoying cream tea at noonChange of directionBashfulPub wallTen to nineMorning in room 9Moon over Seaton beachA roundabout at nightStanding stonesA red wine accidentRude frogOn a channelWaiting to departTubeBuoyElephantNo pigCondimentPrince Albert's fencePub grubA, Bench, Tree, Shadow, MonsterLondon EyeThe 18:18 from Bennäs heading southNinja horsesStrawA glass of white in the eveningA lot of pastaSplashShallowShatteredWas Here, MässkärCrumblingAbandonedBoneSunset at PörkenäsCloudsSurfacingGreetings from MässkärOn boardDishes dryingLow warm lightBlowin' in the WindThe 13:06 to BennäsDisappearance of the sunHalloumi and sweet potatoUnkemptCoveringVerdantGood morningA view from BorgåRainy eveningDark cloudsWaiting for my latteDetail of a windowYellow framesA cup or so perhapsAlmost thereBiding my timeOn the 19.15 from Porvoo to HelsinkiIndirect lightUpside downKirkkonummi, KyrkslättHow much is that chickie in the windowPosterInner yardJohnDetailSpring sunFlexBattery recyclingHostages of the seasonYellow lineReflected (bluish)Reflected (yellow)Reflected (green)A foggy dayLast sunday of MarchFake plastic floorThumbs upReceiptThere, behind that tree!SignsPipoOmeletteSmokin'Heading to airport 25 minutes before sunriseClose-up of a menuRed flag on riverboatPlease mind your stepPlease hold the handrailThat's me, nice to meet youSkytrain interiorSkytrain exteriorRed flowerSmoothie breakWhen the traffic stands stillUnder some bridgeLike cavemenGlareI love youProbably the last beach picture (for a while)Lots of snow this winterUnder the pierRaindropsAfter the rainBrown iciclesEmpty stareStockholmPublic phonesA flight of stairsTrunkPool, sea, sky... mostly skyA corner of a beachShowerMudflapBahtIdleSternThe pool after darkClear gunDanger itemsWiresArmFootCarvedCoconut waterFlowersHere's JohnnieThe seasonWearyHow to orderHips don't lie?Antero Takala talking about his picturesCapitaDon't take photoFlaccidGrittyButterflies and a red dressClassic beach sceneSlowly drive pleaseImprint of a squashed mosquitoRocketIn the eveningOn the beachInternational man of mysteryBefore cleaningIn flightLiftoffNoise cancellingKing of the roadHere comes the sunTrunkFrosted trees and fencePostcard winterHumidityThe yolk of your eyeLight snowfallIn these dark timesRemembranceWeatherLights and dark skySeaside supportGifuReduced visibilityWaitingCandles (In memory of)Nonmigratory cranesBlue and whiteSundownLooking upGlassWarm food for a cold dayOff-season for miniature golf 2Off-season for miniature golfYe olde passportFloraIn the shade of the chimneyCafe RegattaBrightNot winter quite yetNot visible: Töölön kisahalliNot visible: OopperaNot visible: TöölöntoriShadow of a treeShe plays the ukuleleHeadstoneA well lit buildingBeamPete TrewavasThe first frameFirst snowA fanShark in spaceGoing through the debrisBottleIn frontBed makingBreakfastShineWhat is this?The swan and the caféSteamy windowWindowHanging aroundTail lightCold lightSwing stopper cap bottlePower and fitted carpetIntersectionWaitingTree, light, nightAugust rainPresidenttiRecycling by the churchCalculating and allocatingBig chairStained glassThe reasonThe button I never pressedTwenty-two year old beerDrinks for dogsWitheredWine samplingRiverboat on NeckarLush green and the river OurBelgian countrysideFinnish fireworks championshipsPeekabooShooting insideÅboNumber 233DovesChairs in rainMast and trailPavement artBrussels subwayLady with balloons3 TBPartly cloudyFlowers and wineOrganicTo go from one place to another, as on a tripLa Toilette en ArdenneAalto at the airportA bit of whiteMore vintage tramDetail of a vintage tramOld walletA tasty cakeNettle soupStreet lamp and blindsParking lot picnicReflection of the oldWarm nightShooting MadonnaLooking at MadonnaPartial exposureCrowdedWalk walkBoat trails in the Baltic SeaPsychedeliaIntense rainDown thereDinantAntwerpen-CentraalAt GruutPlace du Grand SablonWay homeIt's the rhythm of the rainOn the other side of TuskaPoliceGoing to SwedenRailsLunchShadowsPotatoesButcher'sNumber 39JuneBus stopThe towerDuck maniaA place in the queuePassers-byFloorRed and greenHotel roomThe balloonTwoTransfer of possessionThe man tha repairs the green and the red menTietoa (knowledge)Framing shopElectionA CarWagnerRainDirtyEffectHannuLegsMan in the mirrorPassengerMeilahti detailStitchEscalatorAttendantWall and holesABronicaA remnantThaiHospitalOn the tramGrittyProtectedShop window and sunBoulevardThe Jesus effectDoppelgängerInsideForbiddanceTerminalTunnelYellow ribbonsLightHidingBus stopGreen doorBlurTriumphA cup of coffeeLeakageGlass tilesDistortedMusicThe lady and the lionPatternDetailVery seriousSunnyViewRoof viewCeilingAngleTunnel visionOn the tableAt YLEJuhaFishFirst light of morningBuildingsSticking outDon't feed the birdsPacifierA glassRails, rails and then some more railsThe alley and the yellow houseStickersThey come againAt the HTC one sundayGoalsIce rink with no iceThe rabbits say helloReflectionSitting in a carThe corner and the reflectionSaabTramPlasticYou existBehind the screenMaking a bookAngleStreet kitchenLightArabSunny morningPanasonic RX-DS45AquariumFF (or the hidden E)There was snow (not visible here though)All the shoesOneBig birdWinter funOh by the way, which one's...110 000 voltsYellow carLive reportingEiraHarbourDummiesClothesRed capMetroStop!Finnish Museum of PhotographyWalk the walkMutnelatFerryDirectionChemicalsCurveNational frontier  34No photographyEx peririSaladEvening walkTypographically appealing firewaterThe day is doneDramatic progressionSouthboundImprintsWinter day4x40StreetRoomCrosswayCrossingBangkok airportCulture mixLightsChairSeaweedSand, stones and waterSunset at Hua Hin beachAbove it allPytt i pannaHondaSnacksCarTrumpets of the airportShadows in the cloudsAlexanderChickenYoung heirCranes and moonBleach boyAnd one moreLook, there... and there!SynchronicityHurly-burlyExplosionLight in the nightChristmas Eve, tooChristmas EveHatchIn the warmth of a lampIn lineCold cityBlogger's christmas partyFragment of textBooksSnow coverBlack dogLight in darkOn the beachTwo and twoThe supervisorGoalBranchesLow visibilitySnowstormTwigs and shadowsFragileBarYou see youChandelierSomewhere over...Next dayAll HallowsContaxSunsetMore lines and leavesSibelius' eyesCrossingShadow of a lampCagedLines and lines and lines...A tree and a wallThe colour redWhen the leaves fall downPhotographic birthday cakeCoveredMarket squareA plain planeAnother point of viewParkAutumn leafsDetachedBlurYellow detailSushi cookery courseBirdsNosing aroundDark was the eveningPractical applicationCirqueTurfChain mailTranebergsbronPublic bike pumpAlternative routesBlogger meetupPondOff the escalatorSelf portrait in ForumVinho do PortoWaterMoomin got my headFrom whence we cameHello HelsinkiShip ahoyGoodbye SwedenMother stands for comfortTransparent messageOne person queueFishAssortmentPartial illuminationLoungeFive dotsLunchFestiveAnticipationAttitudeCranes and linesSeeing sightsWeary feetAlleySigns of the timeSpider-kidThat wayOn a Djurgården ferryBaskingA Stockholm tramRound worldHandedThe floating finnLooking from a high placeWalking in the airOnce they were apesGiganotosaurus caroliniiShunosaurus liiHot evening, cool drinkConstructionIn MunkkiniemiOn displayWhite shirt dryingLovely pictures ....Night in TöölöEvening in KallioSkate parkDetail of the Winter GardenBloom in one of the three roomsHow far can I see?StadionSky and linesJellyfishBlue frecklesUnder waterBeneath the surfaceCommit no nuisanceGreen and rustAuntSplitTattooGullLe déjeuner sur l'herbeMaybe the cutest grill everBy the Summer shoreWatching the watcherA park bench in evening lightThe gangA few chicsSheepEquivalentLast stopBleeding heartWhisperWhite shadow after rainPuotila metro psychedeliaFeeling lucky, punk?It happened on friday the 13thSummer night cityKöklax, KauklahtiBefore the movieGreat hair dayStrawberry cakePortraitThree men in a rowing boatLate night sausagesObscured by...Brilliant explanationCirrusVaseExhaustedT-Shirts on a drying rackPaperFernA girlTulipsNew wave – movements in waterNot producing an intended effectRight?WindshieldBears are typically solitary animalsElectricityAt sundownStubbleWavy reflectionMy new toasterIt's growingMore of the panelOn stageOn locationMaking moviesLightship RelandersgrundOne tree tooAt The Finnish Museum of PhotographyTwist and sproutLetters on the looseGreen is the colorOh crapVapour trailsFlareSplashYour cart has 0 itemsWaterfrontRight, right!UndulationShallowSomebody's awakeTriple exposure experimentNight lightsLost and lonelyEnclosedMinusculeThe other sideBookshelfDark lightDim and distantTest imageSignsBright lightAccidental exposureBehind barsDrifting aboutAnother gleamA gleam of lightYellow snowMessageNine crowsReedsIn the cemeterySlushyGrand OneLoungeDisjointPerimeterImprintWorst copy ever?WingOne cloudArcelonaContemplationMorningPlenty to choose fromLes Tres XemeneiesBad hair day?Plaça de les CascadesAvinguda de Reina Maria ChristinaWindow cleanerShadeAtúnTorre MapfreThe MediterraneanGazeTapas, once againPigeonOink no moreThey eat supper quite late in SpainCat, dog and a snailOn the shelfAn immane snowmanExitOrangeFlaming lemonTapasThe sentinelsCourtyardCityscapeStreak of lightStanding on GaudíMosaicAnnouncementEverybody has been hereUntitledWork in progressElevatedThe unfinished oneSay cheeseHazeLooking at artUntitled sculpture by MiróNarrow alleyThe lady with the flowersSupermercatAfter primer, before segondMetroThey come in peace?In GlóriesWaiting for AY4901Empty spacesTake Me to Your LeaderI has got me a roseUp whereThats me in the ceilingIn a meetingFoggy nightWalk onFlakesSomething or...Underwater cableThe Helsinki ArchObstructionHazy and obscureElevatedOne left footLamps in a basementQuietA frozen viewStrandedEnclosedSignsLeftA blue detailCrossPyjamasThe red containerThe labLooking downWindyMorning at the Central railway stationBad weatherReflectedFuck youAnd then there was a little snowBeachLeafBreakageIt should be winterAlienThe treesSteamDark and wetMinigolfNeon lightsHard seaGoingGranular materialA booth without a phoneRestaurant carKolari stationCornerRefelectionsAnlegen ve(rboten)Under the bridgeTrain bridgeWesthafen TowerCrap under the bridgeThe Mainhattan skyline againDie frau Rauscher aus de KlappergassGuud StubbI hope it's ketchupFunny cookiesPigeon hotelRainyRewe & TackShopping centerA big bookA window cleanerFrankfurt HauptbahnhofDie ZeilDeutsche Bank buildingsThe city from Main TowerThe city from Main TowerMore of them high buildingsThem high buildingsNight viewA big green manYellow brick wallPartial viewBarkPigeonView from Alte BrückeMainhattan skylineRed facadeDomFive kinds of sausagePremium pilsRainy RömerbergRömerbergCigarette vending machineEuroWurstA view from the balconyReflectionsFrankfurt airport train stationFrankfurt airportJust in caseLandingFrankfurt am Main from airClody nowThe little holeØresund BridgePlastic cupAirplane foodIslandsAbove FinlandHelsinki-VantaaFull moon, new year's daySpeed of nightjouni's distortedYlläsAt the slopesLike a candle or three in the wind or notBloomChristmas decorationsA night shotChristmas partyRain and fieldOn a foggy nightMistHome madeT-shirt flamesBlog meetLiesThe big OPhotographerP _ R SCroc attackCamelCityscapePinkCourseChairs to you, mateBiding my timeClouds againHelsinki way back whenKekkonenPromisesRepresentationStonefaceUntitledWaitingGoing to TurkuUntitledUntitledUntitledShipyardMarks the spotBallNo substitutesFreshSee the sky about to rainTeddiesSilhouetteVery romanticEmpty boothGood heavensOn the dotCordNetMeatballsCool twilightAn old clichéSetting sunThe old phone boothSummeryApril sunHovelAnarchyReedCold feetCondensation water MorningIcyQuite cold

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